Arousaluk Experience

Mistresses, Masters, submissives, slaves, TVs, TSs & Fetish Players of all kinds are invited to CLUB BIZARRE FETISH Parties. Here you may play, punish, chat, fantasise, dress up, boogie down, chill out, take in a film, laugh, cry whatever your desire.  A place to be free & uninhibited, to meet & socialise, watch & be watched whilst enjoying the atmosphere with like-minded people.  Club Bizarre Fetish is not a hardcore BDSM club.



many play areas for you to enjoy and explore, cinema, two-way mirror room, dance floor with pole & cage, chill out & social area, Private Rooms & a rabbit-warren of dark and hidden spaces in the Cave.                            

The dungeon & play equipment include a St Andrew's Cross, Throne, Suspension Swing, Stocks, Stirrups, Whipping Benches, Glory Holes however we do not provide personal items such as whips, paddles, cuffs, blindfold etc


Fantasy Fetish: leather, PVC, latex, rubber, Glamour, Formal Attire, Medical, Uniforms, Religious, Gothic, Burlesque, Naked: with or without accessories. . .If you have none of these, then MINIMUM  ALL BLACK IS ALLOWED


Email arousalfetish@outlook.com


Mobile 07880 622289


As Fetish, BDSM & play is permitted anywhere in the Club, please use your common sense, look out for flying floggers, wayward whips etc when passing a scene. Likewise, please be aware of people, if you are involved in a scene.




Respect others. Keep your hands to yourself, until you know for certain that physical contact from you is welcome.


Just because someone is submissive, that does not mean they are submissive to you. NEVER ASSUME anything about

anyone. If you'd like to play with a slave or submissive, politely ask their Master / Mistress. And do so at an appropriate moment.


Do not interrupt any BDSM, Fetish or other scene either physically or by verbally distracting or attracting the players' attention…. …. however this does not mean you have to keep deadly silent in the presence of Fetish or BDSM play.


Of course you don't shout to attract a Mistress's attention, you approach and wait for an appropriate moment, then let her know that you would like to request some of her time.