Arousaluk Experience

You can not just turn up for any event without first applying for membership by email.

Arousal membership is a one off fee.

All applying, MUST GIVE A BRIEF BIO, any RELEVANT EXPERIENCE and a recent PHOTO. Membership forms are filled in on the night you attend, you will also be asked to sign a disclaimer.

On your 1st visit, you must bring photo ID i.e.  New photo Driving Licence Passport plus utility bill

Strictly NO Press, photographic, video or recording equipment are allowed.  We reserve the right of admission. Your documents & valuables can be stored securely in our safe for the evening.


Membership is FREE for our Club Bizarre Fetish night as it is only held on the 4th Saturday of the month. On your first visit you need to bring with you photo ID to show (1) your photo (2) your signature and (3) address.

A passport & utility bill is fine or the new photographic driving licence is perfect to cover all three requirements.

Your documents & valuables can be stored securely in our safe for the evening.

You must also sign a disclaimer stating that you are not a member of the press and/or that you will not divulge any of the private goings on in the club to the press. This is necessary for the reassurance & protection of our members.

Club Bizarre does not accept any responsibility for personal injuries occurring on its premises or caused as a result of BDSM or other activities.

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Email arousaluk@hotmail.com


Mobile 07880 622289

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